Friday, October 26, 2012

Creating a journal

Have you ever journaled?????? I have started several and found it VERY therapeutic when I stuck with it.  I am getting ready for my first Holiday Bazaar and can't wait because it is going to be more of get my name out there kind of thing.  I am going to try to sell some things that I had left when I closed out my store but for the most part it is going to be a make and take and having samples available for my new classes.
One of the classes that I am going to do is a journal class that is created by covering a composition notebook.  I used to do this class when I had my store but always geared this towards tweens. I now know that this can be fun for all ages.  This picture is from Stampin Up demo Susan Aten.  Great job I love the colors and it VERY girlie  :(((
Here is a very simple video that shows you how this is done.  Tomorrow I am making my sample so I will post it then.  I hope you give this a try. 
****Also, in case you think I forgot (which is NOT impossible) about the 10 days of scrap creating I did not.  I am going to start that on Monday and carry it for 10 days and if you post on here with either your creation or a link to your creation I will enter you in to a random drawing for some BLOG CANDY!!!!!
I will post that on Sunday as an incentive to participate.  I do apologize for not being able to do it when I posted it however that is right about the ttime I got sick.  Although I am not much better I am learning to adapt.  Here is the link to the video how to which tells you how to cut your paper and how to set it. Enjoy,.....would love to see your creations.

Until then.......Happy Stamping!!!!! xoxoxo Stephanie

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Playing with Canvas

Ok folks.....confession time!!!! I AM NOT A PAINTER!!!! there I said it and I feel better now that the air is clear.  Why did I say that you ask???? Because I have always shyed away from playing with canvas because I always thought they were for painters. 
Well, last night decided to take the plunge and break out of the zone.  You know've been there.......THE COMFORT ZONE.  I thoroughly enjoyed putting ink to the canvas and moving it around with mod podge.
Using Stampin Up Inks and a small piece of sponge I worked the ink around the canvas that had already been mod podged.  The second one (antiqued) I sponged old Olive, Summer star burst, and pumpkin Pie onto the canvas and then used the mod podge on a sponge to move the color around until I came up with this aged look.
These canvases were super fun and easy to do......I plan on making more of these for Christmas gifts, some will have ribbon to hang with and some will be on a display stand.
Until then......Happy Stamping  xoxoxo Stephanie