Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twisted Greeting Card Tutorial Video

Ok, so it's Tuesday and that means .......a new video.  This video is by
Kelly Gettlefinger and it is a Twisted Greeting Card.  Kelly does an amazing job making something that seems like it would be complicated.....very easy to understand.  I hope you enjoy.  Look for MY sample of this on tomorrow's post.  I haven't forgotten that I still owe you a better card from yesterday.  The more I looked at that card, the more aggrivated I became and I threw it away.   I guess that's why you don't rush. :) :)
Enjoy the video and I will share my version tomorrow!!
Happy Stamping!  xoxo-Stephanie


  1. Girl, you're so sweet to post my video! I can't wait to see your creation... and I am sure your card from yesterday was THAT bad... there are no mistakes, ya know... only room for embellishment ;-)